This week, Jay gives his telling of the history of pie, to continue on my history of cake. Ian and Jay agree that pie is better , but Jay seems to believes he’s one-upped Ian with his stats! Then Ian gets into the mysterious dissappearance of three lighthouse keepers back in 1900. Did they die, were they obducted, or jumped ship (or island in this case)?

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Cake! So much history across the globe regarding ONE pastry dessert, but Ian manages to cover the basics with some youtube assistance! After that , Jay gets into how (or rather, how he thinks) Malaysia Flight 370 went missing and how it has remained misssing for 4 years!

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WE’RE BAAAAACK!!! We took some time off but now we’re getting our shit together and telling you about the amazing, heroic, although tragically ended life of an anti-nazi/communist spy and assassin! Then we get into one of America’s least talked about mysteries as well as one of it’s oldest!

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Oh boy! so this week Ian gets into some interesting and intense details regarding the long and lurid history of porn, all the way back to prehistoric times to present day! Then Jay describes a strange worldwide phenomenon of what he calls “sky booms” or earthquakes from or occurring in the atmosphere! Why? How? We don’t know…

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This week Jay tells the true story behind one of our favorite books from school, Island of the Blue Dolphins which tells the incredible story of Juana Maria. She was a survivor and the last of her tribe! Then Ian goes into the famous mystery of the Mary Celeste, a ghost ship surrounded by misfortune and lies directly in the center of a mass disappearing act!!!

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This week we conclude our run of Black History topics for February with Coretta Scott King, a powerful woman and influential activist in her own right! We get into the subject of Coretta by way of our very first INTERVIEW!!! Both Jay and I talk with Dr. Kaila Story, a professor of women’s and gender studies at the University of Louisville AND she also hosts the podcast Strange Fruit! We delve into not only who Coretta was, but what she did and why she’s so overlooked. BUT FIRST, we’re switching up the order of the show and Jay will present his mystery at the top of the show. A mystery surrounding a young man in Minnesota who has disappeared and evaded discovery since 2008.

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This week, Jay and I continue with subjects and figures that correlate directly with February as Black History Month. First, Jay tells the amazing life story of yet another hero who was born into slavery but ended up a successful and powerful American politician! Then Ian’s mystery gets into yet another story involving murder. Only this time, the story is of innocent women of color who became targets simply due to their skin and status. The case remains unsolved to this day!


Okay, So ya know how last week I described a woman named Mary Rogers who was murdered? Well this week I’m telling the story of Mary Rogers the MURDERER!!! A story that is also about a woman, in America, in the 1800s, involving murder! So similar yet opposite.  Afterwards Jay gets into one of the most famous possession cases in the world and the tragic end that it came to.   Please rate, review and subscribe. It really helps!

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For this weeks history Jay tells the insanely heroic tale of real life badass Nat Turner! A man born into slavery who outsmarted his masters and would lead a massive rebellion in the early 1800s. Then Ian dives back into New York City’s past also to the early 1800s where a stunningly beautiful young woman worked in a tobacco shop in trendy Manhattan, that is, until she turned up MURDERED! How exactly? Why? and by Whom? We’ll probably never know, but this one is fun to pontificate – (thats my 50 cent word of the day 😉


In this installment I take on the story of Ilse Koch! a NOTORIOUS Nazi War Criminal who committed sadistic crimes and went through multiple trials. Then, Jay tells us all about The mystery that started it all with Roswell! The beginning of the phenomenon of ALIENS in modern America!

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