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This week the show has its very first GUEST HOST and my best friend Chandele!!! We end up having a long intro talk but eventually dive straight into people literally dancing to death and bursting into flames!!! FLAMES!  More specifically the cases of the dancing plague of 1518 and the combustion case of Matilda Rooney!

HolidayEpisode (solo)

This week (on Christmas Eve (: ) I discuss random facts and details I’ve collected about various holiday celebrations and traditions! Not Everything!!!! But some things everyone knows and a few I didn’t! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and to all the others, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 🙂


On this week’s episode, Jay and I go over the period of Prohibition where crime rampage and alcohol was STILL consumed, then we delve into the still unsolved case of Jack the Stripper otherwise known as the Hammersmith Nude Murders of 8 women in London!

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This week, we review the details regarding the first ever terrorist attack by sabotage from a foreign power on American soil!!! The explosion of Black Tom Island in New York was an important turn of events in the course of World War1. Then We get into what may have or haven’t happened a group of hikers in a Russian winter under deadly as well as mysterious circumstances.

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This week we discuss the origins and personal stories behind chess! Then I give my account of what happened on the day of March 3rd, 1876! Did it rain meat by vomit? God? Hoax? Listen to us contemplate on different theories involved!

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