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Okay guys, soooo this week we have the history of cinema. Jay gives us a basic though all encompassing overview of the history of film making. Afterwards I get into another European unexplainable with the Baltic Sea Anomaly, a weird stone disc that looks like something from the future!!! Please rate, review and subscribe!

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This week I talk about a pretty groovy time in the Roman Empire. The Pax Romana, a 200 year period of peace and advancements. Jay goes over the case of the possibly reincarnated Pollock twins, and while he remains skeptical of reincarnation, this is a seemingly convincing account to him!  Also we talk about how jay loves to so show me movies ILLEGALLY! we talked about Deputy Gayman and and so much more! So be sure to rate, review and subscribe.

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First episode of the new year JAY IS BACK!!! and he schools me on a history of birth control and one woman’s crusade against all things holy including masturbation and abortion, and I give my in depth look at a not as looked at, but extraordinary Tunguska Event. A literally explosive occurrence of epic proportions in the middle of nowhere! Send us an email! Rate, Review and subscribe, it really helps thanks!