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This week, Jay gives his telling of the history of pie, to continue on my history of cake. Ian and Jay agree that pie is better , but Jay seems to believes he’s one-upped Ian with his stats! Then Ian gets into the mysterious dissappearance of three lighthouse keepers back in 1900. Did they die, were they obducted, or jumped ship (or island in this case)?

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Cake! So much history across the globe regarding ONE pastry dessert, but Ian manages to cover the basics with some youtube assistance! After that , Jay gets into how (or rather, how he thinks) Malaysia Flight 370 went missing and how it has remained misssing for 4 years!

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WE’RE BAAAAACK!!! We took some time off but now we’re getting our shit together and telling you about the amazing, heroic, although tragically ended life of an anti-nazi/communist spy and assassin! Then we get into one of America’s least talked about mysteries as well as one of it’s oldest!

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